01. Simply Chic

02. Ladies Night

03. Glammed Up Diva

  1. 01. Simply Chic

    A glowing appearance never goes out of style! Learn the basics of how to modernize your look without looking too “made-up”. This one and a half hour service includes a consultation, lesson, and makeup application where you will learn how to create two fresh, timeless day and night looks to suit your personal style.

    Bring your own makeup bag, questions, concerns, and learn how to maximize the products you already have and discover what you shouldn’t live without.

    No makeup bag? No problem. Glam and Eros will teach you how to create your very own. You will receive a sheet and face chart listing the products and shadings used in your lesson (this option is also available to groups)

  2. 02. Ladies Night

    Bachelorette, Birthday, Girl’s night out, or Makeover parties. Kick back and have fun while you get your party started. Glam and Eros will create a sexy evening look for each of you. Makeup can be intimidating if you’re not sure about techniques, colours, products or how to make the most of your features.

    This workshop also provides the basics that every woman needs. By the end of the session, you and your girlfriends will have total confidence in applying your make up and making the most of your individual looks.

    The service includes a personalized evening look for a minimum of 4 ladies to a maximum of 15.

  3. 03. Glammed Up Diva

    Let Glam and Eros create a personalized, sultry look for your special night to bring out the diva in you. This two hour session includes a consultation and an evening makeup application.
    The lesson is tailored to your makeup request(s) and you decide what technique you want to learn or improve on.

    Glam and Eros will guide you in selecting makeup colours, styles and products that best suits your skin type and makeup needs.

    Glam and Eros will demonstrate makeup techniques that you want master as well as choosing the correct makeup products, how to apply concealer, accentuate your eyes, how to apply eye lash extensions and where to contour and highlight etc.

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